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White Paper Copywriting

Accelerate your sales cycle and build irrefutable evidence for change with white papers that illustrate hard problems and how you help solve them.

I can help you communicate your case for action with clear, evidence-rich copy that engages, educates, and enlists your unique audience.

Here's how I approach your white paper project.

| 01 Discovery & Planning

Project Owner Kickoff

I will host a 30-minute strategy and discovery call with your white paper’s project owner. Our goal for this initial step is to capture key requirements for your white paper, including the objective, target audience, topic, length, and content to be featured.

In this conversation, we’ll also discuss access to existing research and reference data available, additional original research which may be required, and identify essential stakeholders for inclusion on the project.

Key Stakeholder Inclusion Call

In this 30-minute session, we will brief the internal stakeholders you’ve identified as essential to your white paper’s success.

Key stakeholders for business white papers often include such roles as product manager, account manager, or sales representative.

For technical, hybrid, and scientific white papers, key stakeholders often include technology development managers, research leads, and discipline-specific internal experts.


Next, I will review background information, reference sources, analyst research, existing published content, and related information resources you provide. Where helpful to achieving our mutual goals, I can perform original research as needed to augment your existing resources.

Brand Style Review

I will review your style guide, past white papers, and related assets you may provide to ensure I capture your unique brand voice and preferred style of dialogue in my copy development.

| 02 Interviews

With your project owner, I will host up to two (2) live question-and-answer interviews with priority stakeholders and subject matter experts previously identified.

To ensure we capture valuable details, quotes, and key points for inclusion in our project, output from this step will include an audio recording and written transcript of our calls.

Note, for large projects involving many disciplines or roles among stakeholders or SMEs, I can provide you with an add-on quote for hosting additional calls to ensure efficacy of interviews by category.

| 03 Copy Development


Prior to beginning copy development, I will provide your project owner with a 1- to 4-page informal outline in storyboard format. This step is a great checkpoint to confirm we’ve captured the key elements, progression points, and proof factors essential to a successful white paper.

Initial Draft

Next, I’ll develop the copy for your white paper, including clear, engaging headlines, body copy, sidebar copy, and up to four featured pull-out quotes.

| 04 Revisions & Approvals

I will work with you to develop just the right copy to meet your project goals, including up to three rounds of revisions and edits. And to ensure your copy is ready for your use, I secure professional proofreading services for the finishing polish on your final draft.

| 05 Copyright

While I may ask your permission to use the final piece as a sample of my work, all copyrights transfer immediately to you upon delivery of the finished copy and payment of my final invoice.

Here's what you get.

Packages start at $3,000 USD for a classic business white paper of up to five pages.

Need a technical, scientific, or longer white paper for more complex subjects? No problem. Contact me for a custom quote to suit your requirements.