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Copywriting Services

I specialize in these essential copywriting projects for B2B and B2G marketers on a mission.

Call on me to help you achieve your sales and influence goals with copy that’s clear, credible, and professionally persuasive for business and government buyers.

Case Studies

For complex industries and challenging problems, few tools can be more versatile and measurably impactful to program success than the well-told case study.

For Business & Government Buyers

Help prospects see beyond “reqs and specs” with powerful client success stories featuring their experience with your brand, how you helped them solve a problem, and the bottom-line results of your solution in action.

For Nonprofits & NGOs

Demonstrate your impact for policy wins and fundraising campaigns with concise before-and-after stories written in clear language that reveal how your organization solves challenging problems with measurable results that matter.

White Papers

The workhorse of content for complex buying and influence cycles, white papers equip your buyers with objective, credible information to educate stakeholders, build business cases, and justify consequential decisions.

For Business & Government Buyers

Help buyers make intelligent purchasing decisions and build compelling business cases with skillfully designed conversion content packed with facts, data, and proof.

For Nonprofits & NGOs

Help policymakers and donors understand your imperative, win backing for action, and help us all move the world forward with clear, evidence-rich content engineered to persuade.

Landing Pages

Key elements of any successful digital marketing campaign, high-conversion landing pages are built from a foundation of prospect-focused copy that’s clear, concise, and skillfully matched to the offer that earned the click.

For Business & Government Buyers

Make it easy for busy, over-stressed professionals to take you up on that offer. Eliminate friction with buyer-centric copy, clear value, and crisp calls to action.

For Nonprofits & NGOs

Transform page visitors into allies with engaging copy that captures attention, informs with clarity, ignites affinity, and compels readers to take action.

Email Sequences

From funnels to flywheels to coalition campaigns, email marketing done well is critical to engaging, converting, and retaining people who matter to your success.

For Business & Government Buyers

Poorly designed email copy can wreak havoc on open rates and damage subscriber affinity. Deliver value and improve business performance with conversational email copy that converts for each phase of your buyer’s journey.

For Nonprofits & NGOs

From legislative action alerts to event marketing campaigns, you can accelerate your impact and grow your legion of allies faster with email copy that informs, enlists, and moves people to action.