Waypoint Compass

We are activists. We are outdoorists. We are business people on a mission.

And we write wicked good copy.

Meet the Chief Copygeek

Well, hey there. I’m Gidget Hall, Owner and Chief Copywriter of Waypoint Copywriting. Writing wicked good copy is my business. Helping ethical organizations outpace and outperform their competition is my super power.

Gidget Hall-Copywriter-Content Marketer-Waypoint CopywritingI’m a business person with a writing addiction.

I’m the weirdo who went after a career in business on purpose.

I get geeked out by all facets of building and running a thriving business for the long term. Creating competitive products, developing killer product marketing campaigns, and especially winning that account away from the competitor who thought he had in the bag. Sweet.

I spent a lot of years in corporate America, running businesses for other people. Nowadays, I run my own. I’m an entrepreneur with a strong streak of “save the world” geek and an abiding love affair with the power of words.

I get to run a great business and feed my writing addiction all in the same gig. Sweet.

I believe in business as a force for good.

I love a good profit motive. But for me, good business has to go beyond “maximizing shareholder value.”

My own internal compass compels me to pursue broader benefits than just the financial bottom line. Benefits like sustainability. Integrity. Environmental responsibility. Ethics. Treating my fellow man with dignity. Compassion. Truth.

So that’s how I run my business. And those are the kinds of businesses for whom I write.

I help your business be a force for good through the power of words.

Here’s my equation for writing kick-butt copy to transform good tribes into brand zealots for companies that care:

Personas + Craft of Direct Response Marketing + Psychology of Persuasion = Tribe-Building Power

Why? Well, to start, if you can’t articulate who your ideal customer or target buyer is, you’re sure to lose your bearings. Beginning with thoughtful persona development not only guides smart product development strategies, it also gives your marketing instant focus.

And a copywriter who has never studied direct response marketing? Well, you may get grammatically perfect sentences and meticulously punctuated paragraphs but … you won’t win a tribe.

Tribe-winning requires oomph, it requires conversation, it requires impact.

Thesis-paper-style writing need not apply.

Next, any copywriter who has not ardently studied the psychology of persuasion will miss golden opportunities to create the stories, the “hit them in the feels” messaging, and the irresistible calls-to-action that intrigue, excite, and win your tribes.

Hiring a skilled copywriter and savvy content marketing strategist for your purpose-driven organization will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

The Waypoint Story: Behind the Name

When the Chief Copygeek isn’t feeding her writing addiction, she can often be found in the great outdoors–on a hike in the woods, running a local trail, or perched with a good book somewhere leafy and quiet (frequently accompanied by Chief Dog).

To safely enjoy the wilds, the skills to know where you are and how to get to your destination are pretty important. That’s where waypoints come in.

A waypoint is a navigational marker–a place to get your bearings. Once you know where you are, you can plot your course to where you want to go. And then set forth on your path, confident in your direction.

Your tribes are out there–people of conscience, people who care, people who give a damn. They’re trying to find the path that will lead them to those precious brands that share their values.

We write for companies who want those tribes to find them–to spark that wonderful “a ha!” moment where they think to themselves, “These are my people. This is who I’ve been searching for.”

We write copy to transform your lost tribes from frustrated searchers into happy buyers, loyal followers, and stark raving brand zealots.

If that sounds as much fun to you as it does to us, give us a call for a complimentary consultation.