About Me

Hi, I'm Gidget Hall.

I’m a B2B copywriter specializing in sales and marketing copy for clean technology and climate action marketers.

I can help you deploy sales and marketing copy specifically geared for B2B and B2G buying audiences in your industry. That means copy that’s clear, concise, and architected for professional persuasion.

Photo of Gidget Hall, B2B Copywriter
When I’m not hammering away at my keyboard …

… you’ll find me hounding my elected officials, volunteering for change, reading my way through a perpetual stack of books, and taking an occasional break from the hard stuff with my husband our two incredibly loudmouthed dogs.

You should probably also know …

I’m an INTJ, my top five CliftonStrengths are Input, Restorative, Strategic, Learner, and Achiever, and I’m an operations nerd at heart.

The long and the short of that word salad is this: I am intensely curious, wired to solve problems, driven to be good at what I do, and compelled to have a positive impact on our world.

Plus I really (really) hate to lose.

I know I’m not for everybody. But, hey … now you know why there will be zero ball-dropping when I get the privilege of helping you make hard stuff happen.

Now About That Backstory
Before I launched Waypoint Copywriting, I invested 27 years of my career leading corporate teams in the global world of business, technology, and finance.

I racked up more frequent flyer miles than anyone should aspire to, but I also earned my stripes in developing and marketing B2B technology and solutions along the way.

So when I became weary of corporate life, I set out to put my experience to work for a business of my own. And that’s when Waypoint Copywriting was born. 

Initially, I wrote for clients in my industry. I knew the landscape like the back of my hand, so it felt like the “smart” move and a good way to get traction. It was, but marketing “innovative” payment methods as a solo business owner was no more satisfying to my soul than it had been in my corporate gig. 

Meanwhile, our environmental problems were only intensifying. I felt an urgency to increase my impact for change. So I pivoted.

I merged my personal crusade for a livable planet with my business expertise and skill for developing messages that move people to action.

Now I help marketers like you accelerate and rapidly scale solutions to our hardest problems with the power of words.

So if you could use an experienced hand to help your organization do exactly that, I’d love to chat.

Remember, that first consultation is always free. Just click the big red button below to connect.

All my best,


Well, hey there! You made it all the way down here? Heck, if none of that stuff scared you off, we should definitely get to know each other.

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