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New Client Process


Here's my process for a successful collaboration.

After years of leading multi-million-dollar technology product development launches, here’s a truth I know from hard-won experience: plans may need to change, but planning is essential. 

Because nobody wants a “whoops” on projects that matter.

I certainly didn’t when launching payment systems upgrades or new financial technology products. But this is especially true in your line of work where time is precious and our wise use of it is critical. So I take my role in the success of your project seriously and structure my approach with care.

Read below to discover how I approach my new client onboarding process.

And if you’d like more insight on project-specific details, feel free to visit my services page where you can find links to more information by project type.


Just head over to my contact page to share your objective and some essential details on your project. I’ll review to see if my services and capabilities may be a good fit for your needs.

If I’m not, I’ll be upfront and prompt to respond so you can quickly proceed with your copywriting resource search.

And if I think we are a match, I’ll contact you to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute call to learn more about your business, your goals, and your timeline.


Next, I will send over my Discovery Questionnaire. This simple Q&A-style document helps clearly define the goals and scope of your project so my proposal can be comprehensive and complete.

With your completed questionnaire in hand, I will review your responses in detail and follow up with any questions I may have to feel confident I understand your objectives and project scope.


Next, I will develop a project proposal for the work.

My proposal will include a quote for your investment, a draft execution roadmap, and a contract of agreement with payment terms and accepted payment methods.

I will follow up with a call to discuss any changes, additions desired, key stakeholders to involve early in the project, research requirements, and any other insights essential to finalizing the project scope, roadmap, and proposal.

Upon mutual acceptance of our agreement, it’s time to get started.

Note: Should your supplier management team require the use of your organization’s proprietary contract, please let me know early in the process so I can expedite review by my legal team. Avoiding late surprises here will be advantageous to a timely project launch.

Once we have both accepted the agreement, up next is a project launch call. This session generally takes about 30 minutes and allows you to include key stakeholders or project decision-makers upfront. This ensures they are prepared to offer any insights, resources, or research that may be needed for project success.

Next, I’ll dive deep into research mode. My Discovery Questionnaire includes prompts to help you and your team identify essential research to inform the work I do on your copywriting project for successful results.

Here are some examples of particularly valuable content and sources of insight for this step:

  • Brand voice and style guide
  • Key internal stakeholder interviews
  • Voice-of-client studies
  • Target buyer personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Existing market and competitor research
  • Product sales collateral
  • Technical specification sheets
  • Existing legislative or political headwind research
  • Strategic positioning insights
  • Regulatory or compliance requirements specific to your industry


My goal is to gather a full view of your brand, positioning, brand voice, offer, features, benefits, target buyer personas, competition, and any other insights that will be essential to designing your copy for maximum impact.

Throughout the project, I may contact you for additional details, product information, or other resources as needed.


Review of First Drafts

When you receive the first draft of your copy, I ask that you review it thoroughly and have any key members of your team do so as well.

The most important objective at this stage is to be sure the tone, message, and offer are right—that they fit what your goals are for the project and your voice as a company. We will fine-tune any changes with the revision process as needed.


Your project investment includes up to three rounds of revisions following the first draft. I find that most clients rarely need more than three revisions but can provide you with an add-on quote for additional revision work as necessary.

Project Scope Changes

Should you need to alter your project scope or purpose midstream and require more in-depth reworking of existing copy or inclusion of new copy, no worries.

After collaborating on the details of that change, I can provide you with an add-on quote for any additional cost and timeline changes needed to complete the revised scope of work.

If accepted, I’ll provide an addendum to our contract to capture the new scope commitment and work with you to adjust the execution roadmap accordingly.


Final Approval

Once revisions are complete, I will submit the final draft for your approval. All that is required for approval is to send me an email confirming that you’ve accepted the copy as final and ready for distribution. Next, I will invoice you for the remaining balance, payable upon receipt.

Copyright Ownership

Upon receipt of final payment, all copyrights transfer automatically to you. I may ask your permission to use a sample in my portfolio, but you are the final owner.

Transition to New Projects

I provide a complimentary post-project follow-up call. I am interested in understanding from your perspective what worked well and what could work better.

This is also a good point to review the Discovery Questionnaire completed at the outset. We will look to see what additional projects may accelerate your success and advance progress on your business goals.

And where appropriate, we can begin collaboration on one or more of those new projects.

Have questions?

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