Waypoint Compass

Avoid meandering marketing syndrome.

Unify and amplify your marketing with a master message roadmap.

Sending confusing or inconsistent messages out to the world can be a great way to lose your tribe.

Developing your digital and print marketing efforts around a comprehensive messaging strategy drives positioning and selling statements that are consistent, dynamic, and persuasive.

Key Message Platforms

Similar to the cohesion gained from a brand book, a Key Message Platform becomes the master message book from which all vital marketing efforts can flow–ensuring consistency in voice, style, and positioning.

Creating this master message book can be particularly helpful for organizations in multiple stages of the business lifecycle:

  • When product positioning or selling statements have lost consistency over time
  • When refreshing or replacing under-performing collateral
  • When upgrading product or service features, capabilities, and benefits
  • When rebranding or repositioning existing products and services
  • When launching new product lines, features, or services
  • When launching an entirely new business entity or subsidiary

Key Message Platforms are uniquely tailored to suit the goals of your business. Common components include:

  • The story of your company–history, vision, values, leadership, stewardship
  • The story of your products or services–who they are for, how they work, what value they bring, and why that matters to your target buyer types
  • Your unique selling proposition (USP)–what sets you apart and differentiates you from the competition
  • Customer testimonials and other “social proof” statements
  • Multiple marketing messages that support the primary and secondary benefits of your products or services
  • Key messages built explicitly to overcome anticipated sales objections
  • Headline ideas for use in various product marketing materials
  • Calls to action for use in sales letters, web pages, email marketing blasts, and more

This service includes in-depth interviews, current collateral review, competitive market research, and development of the comprehensive messaging platform.

When it’s time to reboot, relaunch, or simply rein in meandering marketing syndrome, we can help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.