Waypoint Compass

Skip the hard sell. You do you.

Spark authentic conversations by which brand zealots are won.

A strategic content marketing program is no longer a nice-to-have for any company, conscious or otherwise. But for difference-makers, it’s vital.

Winning the wallets of conscious consumers once is one thing. But winning their undying brand devotion is everything. And that part’s tricky. Why? Because the humans in search of difference-makers are equal parts optimistic and skeptical.

They are optimistic because they won’t stop searching for products and services that reflect their values. But they are also skeptical–their trust has been betrayed.

Too many conscious consumers have experienced this realization: That a brand in which they placed their trust was nothing more than yesterday’s business model hidden behind a hurried coat of greenwashing.

But you’re not that kind of brand. Your content marketers are armed with one heck of an authentic story to tell your tribe–a story they know will resonate, hit home, and ignite conversation.

But content marketing done well means that content creation never ends. So when your storytelling ambitions exceed your team’s capacity, we can help you feed the content beast in any of the following categories:

  • Core content: Proprietary, original content that generates leads, showcases your unique brand voice, and delivers genuine value to your tribe (such as books, e-books, how-to guides, and white papers)
  • Complementary content: Transformation of key messages to suit multiple, easily-digestible formats and channels ( such as presentations, blog posts, placed articles, and editorials)
  • Promotional or curated content: Conversational, shareable micro-content that drives interaction and engagement across multiple platforms and channels (such as social media, online forums, and webinars)