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Q: What’s the first step to working with you?

A. The fastest way to connect is to email us through our contact page. Give us the scoop on your project and the best way for us to contact you in return (office phone, mobile, email, etc.)

We’ll work with you to set up a no-obligation, complimentary conversation to learn more about your business, your goals, and your timeline.

This initial consultation allows us both to determine if the services and capabilities offered by Waypoint Copywriting represent a good fit for your needs.

Q: What is your process?

A. The details can vary based on your project needs, but here’s a summary of how we work:

Project Discovery

If you’re ready to get started following our initial conversation, we will send you a detailed Discovery Questionnaire.

This Q&A-style document will help clearly define the goals and scope of your project to ensure our proposal in response can be comprehensive and complete.

After we receive the completed Questionnaire, we will develop a proposal for your work. This will be the basis for our next step—the Launch Call. During this call, we’ll gather from you any additional directions and insights for inclusion in the final proposal and project roadmap.

Investment and Getting Started

Along with the final proposal and roadmap, we will send you an agreement with the total investment for your project along with payment terms and acceptable payment methods.


Our research approach tends to be wide-ranging and comprehensive. We’ll begin by reviewing your existing website content in depth, then scoping out your social media content and poring over any existing marketing materials you’ve provided.

From there, we’ll move into direct market research, including getting the scoop on your competitors and performing initial keyword research as may be required for the success of your project.

This comprehensive research approach serves multiple purposes:

→ It allows us to quickly understand your company’s product or service—its features, benefits, and target buyer personas.

→ It helps us understand your company’s tone of voice and preferred communications style.

→ It helps us gain insight into what motivates your target buyers and why they may to choose your product or service … or that of your competitors.

Collaboration and Draft Reviews

As we work together, understanding your communication and interaction preferences will be key to successfully accomplishing your project goals. 

When you receive the first draft, we ask that you review it thoroughly and have any key members of your team do so as well.

The most important objective at this stage is to be sure the tone, message, and offer are right—that they fit what your goals are for the project and your voice as a company.

We’ll fine-tune any changes with a second or third draft as needed.

Revisions and Additional Reviews

After the first round of changes, you may request additional fine-tuning. You can be confident that we’ll work with you until you are delighted with the copy.

Final Approval

Once all revisions are complete, I will submit the final draft for your approval. All that is required for approval is to send me an email confirming that you’ve accepted the copy as final and it is ready for distribution.

Q. What does it cost to hire you for a project?

A. Many variables drive the scope or scale of a copywriting or content marketing project—including the number of components, the amount of research required, and the length or complexity of each component.

Once we learn the details of your project, we will provide you with a custom quote and an outline of our proposed approach.

But we’ve been in your shoes. As past buyers of commercial writing and marketing services, we know that budgetary estimates can be helpful to planning your company’s marketing priorities.

If so, just drop us a note about what you’re looking to accomplish on our contact page and let’s talk!

Q. Do you do the work yourself or do you outsource?

A. Depending on the size, scope, and deadline for your project, we may engage contract allies to expedite work like research and copy editing.  Otherwise, the Chief Copygeek does it all.

Note, should you require non-disclosure agreements by any party working on behalf of your project for Waypoint Copywriting, no worries. We can do that.

Q. SEO makes my head hurt … can you help?

A. Ibuprofen? Cold compress? Okay, that’s probably not very helpful.

We totally get it. Yes, we can help you. SEO–or Search Engine Optimization–refers to all of the ever-changing stuff needed to rank well in the search engine results pages—and stay there.

Since search engines frequently change their algorithms and guidelines, an optimized site is never done. We stay constantly plugged into changing SEO guidelines so that your website can always be the darling of the search engines.

A note about ethical SEO: You’ll read about white hats, black hats, and even grey hats in the SEO world. We write copy to be in compliance with ethical SEO guidelines.

We’ve seen too many people try to game the GOOG and lose. We won’t perform that sort of work and we advise our clients to avoid it as well.

And if your last SEO guy went all raging rogue on the black hat tricks and got you in serious trouble? Like de-listed trouble?

First: Yikes.

Second: You will need to repair some truly heinous stuff.

In that case, we can refer you to the big guns on our contact list–colleagues who are master SEO experts and can help you climb out of that penalty box.

Q. Do you do web design?

A. That’s cute. No.

Not unless you’d like to wait a year for a site that looks like a first-grader designed it.

No? Fair enough.

We’ve got allies in this line of business, too. If you’re looking for a referral, we’d be happy to share.

Note: We are always anxious and ready to work directly with your (real!) web designer on our projects together. Why? Because killer web design plus content that crushes it equals a phenomenal combination of business-boosting power.

The two go together like peas and carrots. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like macaroni and cheese … well, you get the idea.

Q. You’re in Missouri and I’m across the country … or in another country. Can we still work together?

A. Yup. Isn’t it cool that we don’t rely on carrier pigeon and pony express these days? That’s the beauty of the digital communications age. Whether by phone, online, Skype, or other video conference, no worries–collaboration will be a breeze.